Itlay Visa Requirements

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The Schengen area consists of 26 Europe countries, the Schengen visa is the general visa that permits travelers to travel in all 26 Schengen countries without any fear, there are some visa requirements and procedures that are almost the same for all Schengen members. Italy is the part of Schengen area, you can travel to Italy for different visas like tourist visas, family visit visas, work visas, study visas, business purposes, and permanent residence. Here in this article, you will prominently read about an ultimate guide on Italy visa requirements for tourists, students, and working visas.

Italy Visa Requirements

Short stay for Italy is issued for single entry and multiple entries, this visa is also issued for 90 days. For Italy visa, applicants apply at Cox and King Global Services Italy Visa Application Centre in case of following

  • Italy is the main port where traveler stays more time than in other countries.
  • When travel has no main landing place (destination)

If you apply for a “C” visa (short stay) this visa is issued for 90 days.

General Italy Visa Requirements For Short Stay Visa:

For Italy short stay or tourist visa, there are the following requirements you must fulfill.

To bear expenses in Italy there are the following required amounts to meet the survival during the stay.

Short StayNo. of PersonAmount in EUR
For 5 days

1 person

2 person



6 – 10 days

1 person

2 or more

€44.93 per day

€26.33 per day

11 – 20 days

1 person

2 or more

€36.67 per day

€22.21 per day

Up to 20 days

1 person

2 or more

€27.89 per day

€17.04 per day

Italy Tourist Visa Requirements:

There are different requirements for different visas

Italy Visa Requirements For Student

  • Proof of enrollment from Italy university
  • Permission letter from school/ college

Italy Visa Requirements For Employee

For Retired person

  • Proof of pension statement for last 3 months

For Business purpose

  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Trade license
  • Proof financial statement
  • Partnership deed
  • Permission letter for business travel
  • Invitation letter from Italy firm

For Training

  • Enrollment, student card, or any evidence from Italy institute, where the training course attended
  • Financial statement

For work Visa

  • Appointment letter

For Medical Purpose

  • Appointment letter hospital in Italy
  • Medical report
  • Fee payment

For Spouse Visa

  • Marriage certificate
  • Family record

Transit Visa

  • A valid visa for the main destination
  • Original and one copy of the airline ticket to the landing place

For Minor

  • Permission letter from parents
  • Birth certificate

Steps to apply for Italy Tourist Visa:

 Here following steps help you to apply for a visa.

  • Download application form
  • Fill out the application with your signature
  • Collect all required documents need for a visa
  • Verify visa fee ( fee may change according to the currency)
  • Schedule a meeting with the embassy
  • Reached the embassy at the given time for an interview
  • Submit visa application

Fee for Italy Tourist Visa:

For Adults                 60 EUR

For Children             35 EUR

Which countries do not require short-stay visas???

Here is the list of 52 countries, whose passport holders do not require short-stay visas for Italy.


Albania          Andorra        Antigua

Argentina     Australia


Bahamas       Barbados      Bosnia

Brazil              Brunei


Canada          Chile               Costa Rica


D, E, F           

El-Salvador   Fyrom            Guatemala


Holy See        Hong Kong

I, J

Israel              Japan


Malaysia       Macao           Mauritius


New Zealand           Nicaragua     Northern Marianas


Panama         Paraguay


South Kitts and Nevis        Serbia                        Seychelles

Singapore                             South Korea

T, U, V

Taiwan          United States           Uruguay



  • Fill out the application form with full attention do not make any fake statement
  • Re-read the form and check photos are according to the requirement
  • Do not be confused at the time of the interview

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