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Schengen Area Countries OR 26 European Countries And Schengen Area Map

Laura Amber, Tourism Guide

Schengen area consist on 26 European countries which share their internal borders with Schengen members without any restriction.

By Schengen agreement people of Schengen countries easily travel and freely make transaction of goods and services within Schengen area.

The map which is given below shows you the list of Schengen counties, through this list you can easily plan to stay or visit in any Schengen countries. Schengen states have officially repealed passport and all other types of border control at their mutual boundaries.

List of Schengen Countries:

Schengen Area Countries - Schengen Area Map

26 Schengen Countries Area Map

  1. AT: Austria
  2. IS: Iceland
  3. BE: Belgium
  4. IT: Italy
  5. CH: Switzerland
  6. LI: Liechtenstein
  7. CZ: Czech Republic
  8. LU: Luxembourg
  9. DE: Germany
  10. LT: Lithuania
  11. DK: Denmark
  12. LV: Latvia
  13. EE: Estonia
  14. MT: Malta
  15. EL: Greece
  16. NL: Netherlands
  17. ES: Spain
  18. NO: Norway
  19. FL: Finland
  20. PL: Poland
  21. FR: France
  22. PT: Portugal
  23. HU: Hungary
  24. SE: Sweden
  25. SL: Slovenia
  26. SK: Slovakia

26 Countries of Schengen area has over 400 million citizens and an area of 1,664,911 sq. mi. About 1.3 billion exchange of Schengen borders in total. 57 million exchange are because of moving of goods by road, with a worth of €2.8 trillion each year. The decline in the cost of trade because of Schengen differ from 42% to 1.59% based on geography, partnership and other elements. Countries which are not in the Schengen area are also get benefit.

Characteristics of Schengen Area:

Following are the main characteristics of Schengen area.

  1. Unlimited crossing in Schengen countries
  2. No restriction in movement
  3. Crossing internal border without any formalities
  4. Judicial and police system improved
  5. By Schengen Information System(SIS) information can easily be share with all countries members
  6. The time of stay does not allow more than 6 months

Schengen Regulation within the EU Law:

Regulations include within the EU law are following

  • Visa Information System(EC) No.767/2008

This regulation helps to exchange data and provide short term visa to Schengen members

  • Visa Code(EU) No. 810/2009

Such regulation issuing a visa for 90 days

  • Schengen Border Code

Carmelo Abela, Maltese Minister for Home Affairs and National Security

“Reinforcing our external border controls is an important tool for fighting the terrorist threat in Europe and improving the security of our citizens. Systematic checks at the external borders will provide us with provide us with a means to address potential risks to internal security, including that posed by foreign terrorist fighter returnees.”

  • Local Border Traffic Regulation(EU) No. 1931/2006

This regulation admires the freedom and principles, border crossing points are created to transfer only small border traffic

Visa Information System:

VIS was established in June 2004, VIS starting with North African countries on 11 October 2011, VIS is moved upward on geographical basis.

IT system plays a vital role in exchanging information to internal and external border management, under VIS biometric matching perform for verification and identification of visa holders.

VIS facilitates security mechanism to the Schengen area in the following ways

  • Detection of Travelers:

VIS protects travelers by taking biometric at crossing way of border.

  • Prevent Fraud:

VIS helps the Schengen area members to prevent fraud .

  • Investigate Unlawful Act:

VIS makes it easy to investigate unlawful act.

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