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Germany Visa Requirements

Laura Amber, Tourism Guide

If you’re going Germany as a tourist, visitor, business person and student so you have to know about Germany visa requirements. You should know the crucial documents, which are mandatory in your Germany visa process. Germany is one from the significant Schengen countries since 1995 when Germany became the part of Schengen area. Germany visa requirements are different based on your going purpose to the foreign country (Germany).

Keep in mind, if your trip includes more than one Schengen countries ahead so you will apply from that country consulate where your stay will be more longer than another country. Suppose if you’re going to more Schengen countries and Germany is the port of entry or you will stay in Germany more than any other Schengen country so you will apply your Schengen visa application from Germany consulate.

Germany Visa Requirements

Germany Visa Requirements

Germany visa requirements process needs certain documents. Those documents vary on applicant purpose of going. But here few are common.

  • Your Germany visa application process starts by download Schengen visa application form. Sit tight and slightly brainstorming is required to fill this form and afterward print this on paper.
  • Two passport size pictures with white or any light background are acceptable.
  • Your passport should be valid at least for next 3 months time period not before the trip, actually in simple words, it should be valid for next 3 months ahead of your returning date from Germany.
  • A personal covering letter that includes visitor purpose of going in writing in it as well as where you are currently employed, position and job beginning date etc.
  • A travel medical insurance is mandatory that coverage should be $35,000 minimum within the Germany country or all Schengen countries as well.
  • A flight itinerary for visa application that confirms that you’re going to Germany with the entering and leaving date as well.

Must read flight reservation for visa absolute guide for travelers.

  • A proof of accommodation or hotel bookings at your staying destinations. If you will accommodate with your sponsor so in that case, sponsor Govt. issued ID card and passport copies would be attached also.

Must read the proof of accommodation for visa application absolute guide for travelers.

  • The minimum income needed for subsistence in Germany is 45 euro per day according to the European Commission information. That’s why they needed your last 3 months bank statement to know about your financial condition, that is mandatory in some cases.
  • Applicant birth certificate needed in some cases as well.

Germany Visa Requirements For Employees

If you’re an employee so some additional documents are required also except above general documents.

  • Your job employment contract copy plus no objection letter from your employer to let them consulate know that you’re leaving and your employer sanctioned your leave for your trip.
  • Your most recent six months bank statement to know your account stability and financial situation.
  • Certificate of deduction income tax from your salary.

Germany Visa Requirements For Student

  • Here also you need to show no objection letter from your school/university or institute where you currently enrolled.

Germany Visa Requirements For Tourist

For tourist Germany visa, few additional documents are required except above general ones.

  • Your bank six-months statement to know that your bank has sufficient balance to stay in Germany within that time period without putting the burden on their county.
  • If there is any family/friend/colleague sponsoring you in Germany so a simple inviting letter is another document which you need to add in this Germany visa requirements. That invitation letter contains the purpose of coming visitors, which you invited. And within invitation letter, sponsor phone and address should also include in it.
  • Passport copies of both applicant and sponsor if exist.

Germany Visa Requirements For Self Employed

If you’re a self-employed or own your small business and desire to travel Germany so these additional Germany visa requirement might help you.

  • Your business govt. issued license copy is mandatory.
  • Your most recent six months bank statement is another one document.
  • Last but least, your salary income tax deduction certificate.

Please carefully read all the above-mentioned Germany visa requirements and follow them respectively. We recommend to contact or consult your country Germany consulate for further and updated requirements.

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