Finland Visa Requirements

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Finland is the part of Schengen area, you can travel to Finland on a short-stay visa, family visit visa, work visa, study visa, business travel, or permanent residence visa. Finland short-stay visa is issued for single and multiple entries. This visa is issued for 90 days. You have to read this article entirely to know the Finland visa requirements for employees, business purposes, students, spouses, retired persons, and medical as well.

Finland Visa Requirements

Stat: As of 2014, Finland has issued a total of 1,191,110 uniform Schengen visas.

Who doesn’t need a Finland visa?

Nationality holders of the following countries do not need any short stay or 90 days visa to enter Finland.

These countries are;

CroatiaCyprusCzech Republic
SpainSwedenUnited Kingdom

Who needs Finland Visa?

Nationality holders of the following countries which are not part of the Schengen area, who visit for work, for a non-business purpose, or a business need a Finland visa to visit.

These countries are;

Bulgaria             Croatia

Cyprus                Ireland

Romania             the UK

General Documents for Finland visa requirements:

The following documents are required for a Finland Schengen visa.

  • Fill out the Schengen visa application form with accurate information
  • Fill out another application form if children are applying for a Finland visa attached birth certificate and two photos
  • Two color passport format photos with light background
  • A valid passport must have two blank pages
  • Health insurance, covering expenses in EUR 30,000 – Travel medical insurance is mandatory if you’re visiting any Schengen Country and you must read this article written by our travel specialist on travel insurance for visa application.
  • Flight itinerary for visa – A flight Itinerary or reservation is one of the mandatory documents in your Schengen visa application process. A flight itinerary is a confirmed route or schedule of your flights including the departure date and location same for returning. You can get your flight itinerary by filling out this flight reservation form.
  • Proof of accommodation – The basic purpose to show this document is to know the traveler/of your intent and the availability of sufficient funds in a bank that can stay in the foreign country-city or somewhere else location. You have to show the sponsor family & friends letter or the best way is to get your hotel bookings by simply filling out the form.
  • Detailed purpose of visa – it could be a personal cover letter.
  • Income tax returns for the last 3 months
  • Permission letter from the school or university in case of student – No objection letter (NOC) is also the mandatory document you need to collect and submit to the embassy.
  • Leave a letter from the company or firm in case of the employee
  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Roundtrip ticket

To bear expenses in Finland there are the following required amounts by the embassy during the stay.

  • Single candidates must have 57 EUR per day for accommodation.
  • Per person, the candidate must have 3,656 EUR for one month’s stay.
  • When the candidate has low-cost proof of accommodation then he must have 32.25 EUR per day.

Finland Visa Requirements:

Different documents are required for different visas for Finland

For Minor:

  • Application form signed by both parents
  • Proof of parental income
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of parent passport

For Employed:

  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Permission letter or leave letter from employer
  • Address of organization and contact no. of employer
  • Income tax return for the last three months

For Business Purposes:

  • Trade license
  • Invitation letter from Finland company
  • Business bank statement for the last three months
  • Permission letter for business travel

Finland Tourist purpose (no visit to friend/relative):

  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Proof of accommodation

The following documents may be required

  • Salary Slip
  • Ownership record
  • Company memorandum

For Training:

  • Any evidence, certificate, or student cards from the institute where training courses attended in Finland
  • Financial statement for the last three months

For Students:

  • Permission letter from the school, university, and college
  • Letter from Finland University where students want to study
  • Source of income( how students meet his/her expenses)

For Work visa:

  • Appointment letter from a Finland firm where applicants want to work

Transit Visa:

  • A valid visa for the main destination.
  • Original and one copy airline ticket to the landing place.

For Retired Person:

  • Proof of pension statement for the last six months

For Permanent Spouse French Visa:

  • Two application forms
  • Original and copy of French marriage certificate
  • Original and copy of spouse’s passport
  • French family record

For Medical Purposes:

  • Medical report
  • Appointment letter from the hospital in France
  • Medical payment fee

Visa Processing Time

Ten days are required for processing of visa application from the date of appointment

Visa Fee For Finland Tourist Visa Application:

Visa TypeVisa Fee EUR
Children from ages 6 to 1235
Children under 6 yearsExempt
Children of 12 years or over60
Other applicants60
In case of an extension30


  • All fees must be deposited in cash
  • Fees are not refundable in case of rejection

Steps to apply for Finland Visa:

 Here following steps help you to apply for the visa.

  • Download the application form here.
  • Fill out the application with your signature
  • Collect all required documents need for a visa
  • Pay the visa application fee
  • Verify visa fee ( fee may change according to the currency)
  • Schedule a meeting with the embassy
  • Reached the embassy at the given time for the interview
  • Submit visa application


  • Fill out the online application form with full attention do not make any fake statements and write accurate information.
  • Keep original documents with copies
  • Re-read the form and check photos are according to the requirement

Do not be confused in front of the interviewer at the time of the interview, be calm and confident.

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