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What is the actual purpose of submitting flight reservation to embassy for visa?

The actual purposes of submitting flight reservation are, a diplomatic officer, want to know the traveler intent, route schedule, departure and returning timings if roundtrip and traveler name printed over the documents. These are the only essentials things a diplomatic officer wants from you.

Is Your Flight Itinerary Verifiable?

Yes, we are providing 100% valid and verifiable itineraries to our customers, which can be confirmed on airlines website by providing reservation code and traveler last name. You will found your 6 digit reservation code in your provided itinerary document. For details please read How to Verify Flight Reservation?.

Is Your Hotel Bookings Are Confirmed?

Yes, as we stated above, we are providing only authentic and valid bookings which are valid for 2 weeks time period from the delivery date onwards next 2 weeks same as flight reservation. You can confirm your hotel bookings by directly calling to hotel management and confirm your bookings.

How longer it will take to get my itinerary document?

Our standard delivery time period is 12-24 hours within business working days (Mon-Fri) and within weekends (Sat-Sun) we also do provide services but due to the lake of staff hours may differ but we always try to delivery within the time like if your appointment is on Monday and you placed order on Friday or Saturday even on Sunday so we will try to serve you till Sunday evening or night maximum because we understand our customers needs 🙂

URGENT SERVICE: We also have urgent services like 6 hours delivery and 8 hours delivery, we even know that time or day when we delivered our one of the customer within 44 minutes, just for your information that we have that much capability to serve urgently with this way. On weekends urgent orders can be slightly delayed (Only happen very rarely but we will always try to serve you within the urgent time period)


Where I will Receive My Itinerary Documents?

You will get your itinerary documents on your provided email. That one email you provided us during filling the form, so make sure it should be correct. In case of typographical errors please notify us via contact us page or join us via online chat.

Do you provide Group Travelers Discount?

Absolutely, we have the astonishing discount for a group of travelers. Which you will be able to see while selecting multiple travelers or passengers on our form pages.

I made a mistake while providing travels details so what now?

First of all write all the dates and locations very very carefully. We recommend to let us know your mistakes immediately because once your itinerary delivered on your email so we can’t make changes in existing one itinerary because airlines and hotels don’t allow the modification in existing one reservation. Just let us know via contact us page or online chat IMMEDIATELY.

Is this acceptable, if I Order Flight and Hotel Reservations Behalf of my Family & Friends?

Yes, you can do just you need to provide the travel details to us correctly then our travel experts will create itineraries based on those details. Make sure you already made the payment.

What will happen, if my travel plan will change later?

If we delivered itinerary to you and afterward if you come back and request for the change in travel plan so you will be suggested to place the order again with the overall same procedures. For urgent changes contact us or join us on online chat.

What if I want to pay via my Credit/debit Cards instead of PayPal?

Absolutely, you have complete freedom to pay with your debit/credit card for that you just need to follow the below instructions respectively,

  1. Click on “Make Payment” Button
  2. On the PayPal Page
  3. Don’t go with login simply click on below button namely “Pay with debit or credit card
  4. Now put your card details and make the payment successfully!
Is it Important to Get the Same Actual Flight Tickets & Hotel Bookings from You?

There is no such kind of restrictions, even it could not be like that. Our flight itinerary and hotel bookings for visa application process and once you visa approved so you can make your plan by yourself.

Can you make the reservation in our chosen airlines?

Absolutely, simply write the airline in the flight itinerary details box. First, we will give priority to your selected airlines, if we didn’t find any seat availability in your chosen airlines then we will go with the next available airlines for you.

You can also iediately join us via chat if necessary concern realted to that 🙂 

Can You Book Hotel in Any City even in any Country?

Absolutely in any country/city/place but it totally depends on the room availability in that hotel.

Can I make the flight reservation and hotel bookings without buying actual ticket and bookings?

Yes, this is what our services. We are providing flight reservation and hotel bookings without buying actual flight ticket as well as actual hotel bookings. Our provided flight itinerary and hotel bookings would be confirmed. In case of any issue let us know via contact us page or online chat.

Can we take printouts of your provided travel itinerary & that would be acceptable?

Yes, you can and that is 100% acceptable in any consulates because they know that online process. Already hundreds of customers done that and got their visa approved so don’t be worry about this.

DELIVERY PROCESS: We will provide flight reservation, hotel bookings and travel insurance in PDF format via email simply download in your local disk and save it. Take the print out on the hard form and bring this to the consulate and submit that 🙂

Are you providing flight itinerary and hotel bookings for any country visa?

Yes, we are providing flight itinerary and hotel bookings for any country. Doesn’t matter where you applying to whether it is Schengen country or non-Schengen countries. All consulates require flight reservations and hotel bookings documents to review that you have sufficient money in your pocket and can bear you expense there.

What Information do We Require From You to Create Your Flight Itinerary and Hotel Bookings?

Generally, that is simple. We required you to provide us few compulsory details related to your travel plan such as;

  1. Departure Date, City & Return Dates, City
  2. One way or Round trip?
  3. First & Last name of Traveler or All Travelers

Note: You need to provide all the required information, which we asked in our order forms. That is quite simple and easy for a normal user Just In case of any issue and assistance please contact us or join us via online chat.

How Long Our Provided Itineraries are valid upto?

Our all provided itineraries are valid for up to 72 hours to up to 2 weeks time duration. Every airline has different times to hold a reservation for a particular time period not allow us to extend or hold for a longer time period.

Travel agencies or agents don’t have control over the airlines, but we ensure you that we don’t cancel any reservation on our end until airlines do itself. We always want to build a good relationship with our customers.

Our provided reservations would be confirmed/verifiable on airlines official website and for the hotel, please call directly to hotel management for the confirmation.

DO YOU KNOW: As far as the validation matter of the reservation, 99.9% diplomatic officers don’t go with the verification process because they know the limited validity time period of the reservation better than you and us. So the Actual purpose of submitting flight reservation to consulate is, diplomatic officers want to know the travelers intent + routing path + dates/timings of the reservation OR you will come back to your hometown/land/country or not if there is returning date mention over the reservation so that makes them easier to understand that you will come back on that particular date. That is what all they need from you 🙂

In rare cases reservation can also be canceled within few hours or 24 hours but we can rebook this for you on the same PNR reservation code if you let us know immediately within 48 hours.Our all provided reservation would be verifiable on airlines website directly without any hassle. 

Can I extend or make Flight reservation again on the same RESERVATION/PNR code?

That is not allowed by airlines so you have to place new order again and pay again or you can come to chat to dicuss this further.