Refund Policy – SFRV Travels

Schengen Visa Travels has some policies from a refund perspective.

A refund would be possible in the case of the below situations.

  • If we are unable to provide you with documents within the committed time. 12-24 hours for normal delivery and 6-8 hours for urgent delivery.
  • If there are any mistakes from our side in your reservation first we will try to make it correct ASAP.
  • If you cancel your order before delivery with any valid reason, then a flat 30% deduction will apply on the full cost and 70% will be returned to your associated card in the next 5-10 days.
  • If we go against our FAQs

Cases in which we don’t allow refunds:

  • If you ask for changes or modifications in your own provided routes and dates (Flight /Hotel Details) after we send you your documents to your email. It is because airlines don’t allow us to make changes in existing or generated reservations they only allow us to create a new one, that is why we recommend in case of modification place another order and repeat the same process again. We know this is awkward or weird but that is the only thing we can do for you.
  • If you come back to us due to the canceled reservation please first note the FAQs validation time guidelines if we are not against this then a refund would not be possible.
  • If you come in the future and ask for a refund just because you didn’t use our documents so in that case, we don’t refund.
  • A travel insurance refund is only acceptable if you request a refund before 10 days of your trip start date because once your effective date/trip start date is gone so refund is not possible according to insurance company rules and policies, and we have no control over the insurance companies rules and policies. We will deduct 25% of the whole insurance cost as a fee of our services + Merchant service fee + insurance companies charges from what you paid to us, then issue the refund for the rest cost of the insurance, in your order associated credit/debit card or PayPal account within 7-8 business days.
  • If you want to make amendments to your reservation after the 5 days of delivery of your documents.
  • If your visa is refused because of our provided documents/services and you’re not able to show sufficient proof that your visa denied reason is our docs then a refund is not possible, you have to show the embassy a written letter for the visa refusal cause to us to initiate the refund.
  • In case you receive the documents early and you saw that after the time so we don’t refund.