Schengen Visa For Vietnam Passport Holders

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Information on Schengen visas for Vietnam passport holders given here is the most recent. You will also know the process of successfully applying for one. Vietnam is an important travel market for countries not only in the Schengen visa zone but the rest of Europe. Close to 100,000 Vietnamese nationals were issued with Uniform Schengen visas in Hanoi in the past year alone. The trend is expected to continue with more and more citizens visiting Europe and the rest of the world. For the purposes of this guideline, you will get the latest information for a Schengen visa requirement as a Vietnamese citizen.

Ultimate Guide On Schengen Visa for Vietnam Passport Holders

What is Schengen Visa?

In 1985 in the Schengen town of Luxembourg, an agreement was made that has since removed travel restrictions in 26 Schengen countries. This created a Schengen zone allowing citizens of these countries to travel across the countries without any visa requirement. Additionally, citizens from other countries require only one visa to traverse all these countries. This is for a maximum of 90 days in a 180-day period allowed. With this agreement and that of the EU, national boundaries in Europe have been relegated to just map illustrations; citizens in Europe can move freely without the need for visas or too many border controls.

Citizens from other countries intending to travel to the Schengen Zone can be divided into three categories;

  • Visa-free. These are visitors to the Schengen zone who are not required to apply for a visa before entering the Schengen zone. For example UK citizens, and UAE citizens among others.
  • Schengen visa. These are travelers that intend to travel to Schengen states for a short period of a maximum of 90 days and require a Schengen visa. For example Vietnam citizens, and Indian citizens among many others.
  • Those wishing to travel to Schengen countries and stay for more than three months and therefore require national visas.

What is the Schengen visa for Vietnam passport holders? It is an authorization for a Vietnamese to travel to one or more countries from the Schengen visa bloc. A Vietnamese must apply for and get issued a Schengen visa in Vietnam. However, you will only need to apply for one visa from an embassy in one Schengen member state in Vietnam.

Types of Visa for Vietnam Passport Holders

There are different types of visas that you can apply for in Vietnam. These include the following depending on the reasons for your travel;

Visa CategoryTravel Reasons
Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)This is for Vietnam citizens wishing to travel to any of the Schengen countries. Whether single or multiple entries, the visa will allow the holder a short visit of 90 days in the 180 days allowed.
Limited territorial validity visas (LTV)This one is meant for Vietnamese citizens with the intention of visiting a given (limited) number of Schengen member states. It also allows 90 days maximum stay.
National VisasThis meant for Vietnamese wishing to visit a specific Schengen member state for a specific reason like study, work, research, etc after which they are expected to come back to Vietnam. This must be issued by the specific country’s embassy.

Schengen Visa Frequencies for Vietnam

Vietnam is an important travel market for countries in Europe and Schengen. More and more people are visiting this zone for various reasons. These include business, tourism, study, and holidays among many other reasons. These are the recent statistics for Schengen visa issuance for Vietnam passport holders in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh;

2017 Schengen Visa Statistics for Vietnam

Schengen Visa Application Guidelines in Vietnam

As the most basic requirement to apply for a Schengen visa in Vietnam, you need to be a Vietnamese citizen. A legal resident in the country can also apply. But you must provide good reasons for not being able to apply from your home country. However, you cannot just pop into any Schengen embassy in Vietnam and submit your Schengen visa application;

  • If you want to travel to only one Schengen country, go to that country’s embassy or consulate.
  • If you plan to visit more than one Schengen country, go to the embassy or consulate of the one in which your main stay will be.
  • If you cannot decide where your main stay will be, go to the embassy or consulate of the country the first of which your point of entry will be.

Schengen Visa Processing Offices in Vietnam

There are Schengen embassies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh where you can make applications for Schengen visas. There are also agents such as VFS Global where you can, for example, make a Schengen visa application if Sweden and Finland are your main destinations. If your main destinations are the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Luxembourg, you can go to the Netherlands visa application center in Ho Chi Minh City. For France and Estonia, you need to go to the France embassy. For the Schengen countries with visa application centers in Vietnam, you will need to go to their respective embassies.

Documents Required to Apply for Schengen Visa for Vietnam Passport Holders

For the Schengen visa to be processed in Vietnam, every Schengen visa applicant must submit the following documents;

Schengen visa application form

  1. Common Schengen visa application form (Vietnamese version). That must be fully filled, dated, and signed. Submit a copy of this too.
  2. Covering letter outlining all the details of your travel.
  3. Original and copy of your national identification card.
  4. Proof of accommodation for a visa. This should cover your entire travel.
  5. Proof of financial capability covering the entire period of your travel. This should be your bank statements for the last six months.
  6. Proof of flight reservation for Schengen visa. This should show all the details from your name, and flight numbers to dates of travel to and fro. Get this proof by filling out the flight reservation form.
  7. Proof of foreign exchange (for your destination country) purchased.
  8. Proof of travel medical insurance for visa cover. This should be at least 30,000 Euros (or 812,830,254 Vietnamese Dong).
  9. Passport photos (less than six months) on a clear background. The two photos should be of high quality with no editing.
  10. Valid Vietnamese travel passport (issued within the last ten years) with at least two available pages and valid for at least three months after your intended return date. Also, provide past visas and copies of used passport pages.

You do not have to worry much about the essential documents you need for your visa application in Vietnam. You can always get the assistance you need from visa document providers.

Additional Documents Required for Schengen Visa in Vietnam

Depending on your particular situation, you need to furnish the visa processing office with additional documents. These include the following;

ConditionDocuments to Present
For transit visa

Visa of your destination country (if not a Schengen country)

Flight ticket bought for the destination

For minors

Copies of parents’ IDs or passports (both parents)

Both parents’ approval with signatures in case the minor is traveling alone.

Court orders if only one parent has full custody of the minor.

Minor’s birth certificate

Visa application form signed by both parents

Proof of additional incomeBank statements showing income from the additional source for the last six months
Proof of marriageMarriage certificates
RetireePension statements for the last six months
Employment (formal)

Employment contract

Income Tax Return certificate

Certificate showing income tax is taken from your salary

Leave of employment (vacation) from employer

No objection letter from the employer

Letter from your employer indicating you are coming back to the position held

Pay slips (covering the last six months)

Employment (self)

Copy of business permit

Business bank statements (for the last six months) Business income tax statement

Relation to EU/EAA citizen

Marriage certificates in case of a spouse.

Birth certificate in case of a child less than 21 years

Valid EU/EAA passport for the citizen

For business purposesInvitation letter from the business
For studies

Letter of acceptance/offer

No objection letter from the institution.

Proof of enrollment in the institution

For tour reasons

Detailed tour itinerary

Proof of trip booking (for groups through tour/travel agency)

Confirmation of trip pre-payment (for individuals)

To visit friends and relatives residing in a Schengen state

Invitation letter by a relative or friend

Signed and dated official affidavit of support (if the friend/relative is financing the travel)

Schengen Visa Fees for Vietnam Passport Holders and Citizens

For your Schengen visa to be processed, you will need to pay the processing fees. The Schengen fees are non-refundable and must be paid in the submission of the visa application. The following are the current Schengen visa processing fees in Vietnam;

Visa CategoryFee (in Euro)Fee (in Vietnamese Dong)
Minors (past 6 years but below 12 years)35948,302
For Students501,354,717
For transit Visa601625661
Short stay (up to 90 days)601,625,661
Express visa701,896,604
Extended stay (exceeding 90 days)992,682,340
Disabled persons and persons accompanying themFree
For studies/research/sports (applicants below 25 years)Free
Minors (less than 6 years)Free
Spouses of EU/EEA citizens and their children under 21Free

The process of getting a Schengen visa for Vietnam passport holders can be smooth if you have all the information needed for a successful application. Many applicants may get confused especially on the document requirements and may not know where to get them cheaply and without obligations. Fortunately, Schengen Flight Reservation Visa can provide you with the necessary visa application documents such as cover letters and flight and hotel reservations with ease.

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