Schengen Visa Guide For Chinese Passport Holders

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In case you are looking for the most comprehensive information about Schengen visas for Chinese passport holders and citizens, you are in the right place. China is one of the biggest tourist markets for countries in Europe and other Schengen zone countries. According to recent statistics, more than six million Chinese citizens went visiting Europe in 2017. This figure is expected to rise as more and more Chinese nationals continue doing business, touring, and traveling outside Asia. China comes second in the world in terms of traveling to Schengen zone countries.

Schengen Visa for Chinese Passport Holders and Citizens

About Schengen Visa

If you are traveling from China to countries in the Schengen Visa Zone, you need to apply for a Schengen visa. This is a special visa that will permit you entry or residence in any of the countries covered by the Schengen agreement. This visa allows the holder to transit or stay in a Schengen country for a maximum of 90 days from the date of entry and for the 180 days period given. As a Chinese national or passport holder, you can apply for this type of visa from a consulate or embassy of any Schengen member country in Beijing. All 26 states in the Schengen visa bloc have consulates in the Chinese capital.

The Schengen visa was brought about by the Schengen agreement that was made in 1985 in a small town in Luxembourg called Schengen. In this way, all 26 countries have removed travel restrictions for persons traveling within the zone and act like a single country when it comes to the issuance of visas for non-member countries. In this respect, a Chinese with a Schengen visa can enter or reside in any of the countries covered. When you are looking for a Schengen visa for Chinese passport holders and citizens, you need to understand the requirements, the countries covered, and all other details of the visa application process.

Types of Schengen Visa for Chinese Passport Holders

Figure 1: Schengen Visa (Source: Schengen Visa Information)

Chinese nationals can apply for three types of Schengen visas in Beijing. When making an application, you need to know the type of visa that is suitable for your travel needs. You can choose one of the following;

Type of VisaPurpose of Travel
Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)Issued to Chinese desiring to stay in or transit through any of the Schengen zone countries for less than 90 days from the date of entry within the 180 days-period allowed. With this visa type, you are allowed single, double, or multiple entries.
Limited territorial validity visas (LTV)Issued to Chinese desiring to travel to only one particular and issuing Schengen zone country. In other instances and with earlier application and permission, this type of visa can permit entering other Schengen zone countries. With this type, you cannot enter any other Schengen zone country not included in the visa.
National VisasIssued to Chinese desiring to stay, attend a school, or engage in employment in one of the Schengen area countries. This type of visa covers a particular period for the reason of the travel after which the holder is expected to return to China.

Schengen Visa Frequencies

As one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the world, China enjoys a privileged status when it comes to the application and issuance of Schengen visas. The country holds position two in terms of Schengen visa issuance coming second to Russia. In comparison with other applicants, the Chinese suffer very little Schengen visa rejection rates. Here are the recent Schengen visa statistics for China;

Schengen visa statistics for China Survey

Making Application for Schengen Visa for Chinese Passport Holders

For you to make a successful application for a Schengen visa as a Chinese citizen from within the country, you are required to acquaint yourself with the right process of doing this. You need to know the requirements and the fees levied for the visa. Here, you will learn this and more.

Who Can Apply for Schengen Visa in China?

If you are a Chinese citizen or a citizen of another country but legally residing in China, you can apply for a Schengen visa in Beijing. If you are a Chinese citizen residing in another country but legally present within China, you are also eligible to apply for a Schengen visa in China. However, you need to provide good reasons why you cannot apply for the visa from the country of your primary residence.

Documents Required from Chinese Passport Holders

There are numerous documents that a Chinese passport holder needs to provide in the process of applying for a Schengen visa in China. The documents must be personally submitted to the issuing embassy or consulate in China in good time to process the application. You should provide the following documents; Also please read Ultimate China Visa Requirements & Chinese Visa Categories Guide.

  1. Duly filled Schengen visa application form. Download and fill out the Schengen visa application form. The details required in this application form should be provided with honesty. There is currently the option to fill this form electronically before downloading it and printing the copy to submit at the consulate.
  2. Provide two recent passport-size photos. The photos should clearly show your whole face against a clear background. The photo should be taken by a professional and be of high quality. This will allow the reproduction of the photo without losing quality.
  3. Provide your valid Chinese travel passport. Also, include any copies of previously issued visas. The validity of the passport should be at least three months after the date you intend to leave the Schengen country. In addition to this, make sure that your passport has at least two blank pages where the visa may be pasted if the application is successful.
  4. Prepare and attach a personal cover letter. The cover letter is used to make a clear and concise statement showing your purposes for travel and the travel itinerary.
  5. Arrange for your travel insurance. You are expected to arrange for and provide proof of your travel insurance for a Schengen visa for Chinese passport holders. Your insurance agent must be able to provide medical cover of not less than 30,000 Euros (or 240,410 Chinese Yuan) to qualify.
  6. Make a flight reservation. You must make flight reservations. Here is a flight reservation form. And provide proof along with other documents in the application process. This should show the flight dates, numbers, and particular entry and exit times. Read more about How To Get Flight Reservation Flight Itinerary OR Dummy Flight Ticket.
  7. Proof of accommodation: You must arrange and provide proof of accommodation for the entire period that you will be in the Schengen zone. Get a nice place for your accommodation.
  8. Provide civil documents if applicable to your case. These include marriage, death, and birth certificates. You may also need to provide sworn affidavits if your situation requires that.
  9. Provide documents that show proof of your financial ability to cater for your travel and stay in the Schengen destinations for the entire period of your travel. For this purpose, certified bank statements for the last six months should be provided. Online bank statements are invalid for this requirement.

Other Documents Needed

Depending on your prevailing circumstances, you should provide additional documents to support your case in the process of allying for a Schengen visa as a Chinese citizen. These include the following scenarios;

Scenario Documents Required
If you are looking for an airport transit or transit visa

Visa of your final destination country if it is a non-Schengen country

A plane ticket

If informal employment

Employment contract

Permission of leave from an employer

Current bank statements (for the last six months)

Income Tax Return/Certificate of income tax deducted from salary

If self-employed

A copy of the Chinese business license

Business bank statements (for the last six months)

Business Income Tax Return

If retired from formal employmentPension statements for the last six months
If traveling for business-related purposesA letter of invitation from the partner business
If traveling as a student

Proof of enrollment in a recognized institution

Letter of acceptance

A no-objection from the educational institution.

If visiting friends and relatives residing in a Schengen country

Formal invitation by a friend or relative

Signed official affidavit of support (if the friend/relative is catering to your financial needs)

If providing additional proof of incomeProperty income bank statements for the last six months
If you are a minor

The minor’s birth certificate

Visa application form was signed by the two parents.

The family court order is if only one parent has full custody of the minor.

Copies of passports or IDs of both parents

The notarized parental authorization is signed by both parents and guardians in case the minor is traveling without the parents.

In order to avoid unnecessary disappointments and travel inconveniences, the application for a Schengen visa should be made in Beijing at least 15 calendar days before your intended date of travel.

Document Submission for Schengen Visa for Chinese Passport Holders

After you have downloaded the Schengen visa application form for Chinese passport holders and filled in all the required details, you should submit it together with all the other documents to the Schengen consulate in Beijing in person. Make sure that you have carried all the documents. You can do this by devising a checklist for the documents required. Submit all the documents to any competent Schengen visa application processing consulate in Beijing. The two competent consulates are;

  • The consulate of the Schengen visa zone country in which you intend to spend most of your time.
  • The consulate of the Schengen visa zone country where you will make your initial entry.

Schengen Visa Fees for Chinese Passport Holders and Citizens

The correct Schengen visa fees for Chinese passport holders should be paid promptly in full in order to facilitate smooth visa processing. The following are the applicable fees that Chinese citizens should pay to the processing Schengen consulates in China;

Visa CategoryFee (in Euro)Fee (in CNY)
Short stay (less than 90 days)60480
Long stay (exceeding 90 days)99793
Minors (past 6 years but below 12 years35280
Minors (less than 6 years)Free
For education/research/sports (below 25 years)Free

When making an application for a Schengen visa as a Chinese citizen in China, you should always ensure that the cover letter and travel itinerary capture and confirm your purposes of travel and your choice of Schengen visa processing consulate in Beijing. All 26 Schengen consulates are available in China. You should also be sure to consult the expert services of Schengen Visa professionals in China in the process of looking for visas and traveling.

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