Schengen Visa Requirements & How To Apply Schengen Visa

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Are you want to travel to a European country as a visitor, for business purposes, or as a student for a period of 3 months, if you are a citizen of any Schengen country then you can easily travel in the Schengen area because the Schengen area citizen does not require any formality for traveling within Schengen area. To visit any of the Schengen countries you need to know about the Schengen visa requirements.

Schengen Visa Requirements & How To Apply Schengen Visa

All countries’ citizen which is not the part of Schengen area required some formal documents. If you want to visit any European country then keep in your mind that you must have the required documents before arranging a sitting in the embassy of the relevant country.

To Whom Visa is Grant??

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Norway, and Luxembourg do not acknowledge the Southern African non-permanent passport, for South African and other outsiders visa is required for entry into Schengen areas like Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Malta, Latvia, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Itlay, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Slovakia, Luxembourg, and Germany, this visa is permits movement without any fear within the Schengen area for visa holders maximum duration is 90 days.

Where Do You Apply??

  • If you want to travel to only one Schengen country then it is best to apply for a visa with the diplomatic office of the selective Schengen country.
  • If you want to travel to more than one Schengen country, you have to apply for a visa with the diplomatic office of the country that is your landing place.
  • If you do not have any landing place then you will apply for a visa with the diplomatic office of that country where you will be entering first the Schengen area.

At What Time You Should Apply??

You should submit your visa application 15 days before the planned visit, visa application cannot be submitted earlier than three months before the start of the planned visit.

Classification of Schengen Visa:

Schengen visa is classified into three terms.

  1. Short-term Visa:

This Schengen visa is based on 6 months, visa holders permit to stay in a Schengen country for 180 days.

  1. Long-term Visa:

This visa consists of more than 90 days, long-term visa provided y

  1. Airport Transit Visa:

An airport transit visa is granted to those visitors who wait for a number of hours for their next flights.

Schengen Visa Requirement Documents:

The first thing is that to check out your nationality requires a Schengen visa if it requires then fill out the application form first.

Before the time of the interview in the embassy please confirm that you have the following documents with you.

  1. Valid Passport:

A passport is valid for a period of three months after the scheduled return of the applicant’s stay in the Schengen area, check out that your passport has the first two blank pages.

  1. Application Form:

Application form filled with capital letters and signed (the form is available on the embassy’s websites)

  1. Passport Pictures:

Two passport-sized color pictures are required with verification(pictures are not older than 180 days)

  1. Travel Itinerary:

A travel plan (itinerary) is required for a visa. The travel itinerary includes flight reservations for a Schengen visa (Flight Itinerary) and Hotel bookings for visa application. Consulates need both itineraries to confirm your travel plan.

In the case of Minor

  1. For minors covering letter is signed by parents and candidates.
  2. Copy of the parent’s passport.
  3. Application form signed by parents.
  4. Proof of Payment.

You must take proof of payment of the visa fee with you in an interview.

  1. Roundtrip Flight Reservation:

All your Flight reservations (Flight Itinerary) with entry and exit dates in the Schengen area are required. Reserve your flight by filling out the flight reservation form.

Flight Reservation For Visa Application

  1. Resignation Letter:

If the applicant is an employee then his resignation letter is required.

  1. Permission Letter:

If a candidate is a student then a permission letter from his/her school, college, and university is required.

  1. Proof of Bank Statement:

    1. In the case of business, proof of partnership or sole proprietorship is required.
    2. In case of employment, the applicant must show his last three months’ bank statement with sufficient funds( this fund depends on the selective country’s currency)
  2. Travel and Medical Insurance:

All medical insurance is covered by 30.000 euros, for travel and health insurance. Get Travel Medical Insurance Now!

Get Dummy Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Application

  1. Proof of Accommodation:

Proof of accommodation (Hotel Bookings) on a Schengen visa is required, if the applicant has a sponsor then he or she must show an invitation letter from his or her sponsor. Get Hotel Bookings Now!

Hotel Booking For Visa Application

  1. Official Business Letter:

In case of attending any conference, an official business letter from an organization in a Schengen country is required.


  • All documents may be required in original or in copy.
  • Do not staple any document.
  • There is no confirmation of visa.
  • Applicant must appear in an interview at the time.
  • If the form is not fully completed and any false information is given in it, it may cause the rejection of the visa
  • If the applicant’s bank statement is not matched the requirement then it causes a negative decision.
  • Make sure that you’re in good appearance like dress, shoes, and makeup, and also focus on body gestures.
  • Please avoid any false statements.
  • Do not be confused in front of the interviewer.

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