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Ultimate Guide On Denmark Visa Requirement

Laura Amber, Tourism Guide

Schengen area consist on 26 Europe countries, Schengen visa is the general visa which permits travellers to travel in all 26 Schengen countries without any fear, there are some visa requirements and procedure that are almost same for all Schengen members. To know more about Denmark visa requirements for visitors, business and students please keep continue reading this article.

General Information:

Denmark is the part of Schengen area, Denmark is located in Northern Europe. In 1849 Denmark become an independent country. Denmark formal name is “Kingdom of Denmark” Denmark consist on 5,754,356 population. Denmark shares its borders with Canada, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Denmark largest cities are Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen (capital), Esbjerg, Frederiksberg, Horsens, Kolding, Randers and Vejle.

Denmark Visa Requirements Guide

You can travel to Denmark for different visas like tourist visa, family visit visa, work visa, study visa, business purpose and for permanent residence. Short stay for Denmark is issued for single entry and multiple entry, this visa is also issued for 90 days.

Stat: “As per 2014 Denmark has issued a total of 99,852 uniform Schengen visa.”

General Denmark Visa Requirements For Short Stay Visa:

For Denmark short stay or tourist visa there are following requirements you must fulfil.

  • Fill application form with accurate information
  • Valid passport, must have two blank pages
  • Flight Itinerary: Flight reservation or itinerary is a mandatory document which travellers needs to submit in the embassy for their application. Flight itinerary is a complete route of your flight including confirmed reservation code, traveler name with departure dates and IATA airports codes. To get the flight reservation or itinerary please visit Schengen Visa Travels.
  • Proof of employment (In simple words you need a No Objection Letter from employer.
  • Two passport sized photos with white back ground
  • Proof of accommodation: Hotel bookings is another necessary document which travellers need to accomplish their visa requirements documents and that shows the traveler intent infant of diplomatic officers that he/she already done with his/her stay in foreign country. To get the hotel bookings please visit Schengen Visa Travels.
  • Purpose of visit in written
  • Detail information for stay in Denmark
  • Bank statement of last three months
  • Travel and medical insurance, covering expenses € 30,000 please visit Schengen Visa Travels for travel insurance assistance OR please read this article Travel Insurance For Visa Application.

Denmark Tourist Visa Requirements:

There are different requirements for different visas

For Employee

  • Bank statement of last 3 months
  • Income tax returns
  • No objection certificate from company
  • Leave letter

For Business purpose

  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Trade license
  • Proof financial statement
  • Partnership documents
  • Permission letter of business travel
  • Invitation letter from Denmark firm

For Tourist visa

Tourist visa is short term visa this visa is issue for 3 months or less than 90 days.

  • Valid passport
  • Bank statement
  • Invitation letter form friend or family member or from sponsor

For Retired person

  • Proof of pension statement of last 3 months

For Training

  • Enrollment, student card or any evidence from Denmark institute, where training course attended
  • Financial statement

For work Visa

  • Appointment letter

For Medical Purpose

  • Appointment letter hospital in Denmark
  • Medical report
  • Fee payment

For Student

  • Proof of enrollment from Denmark university
  • Permission letter from school/ college

For Spouse Visa

  • Marriage certificate
  • Family record

Official Visit Visa

  • Official invitation card
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Purpose of travel

For Minor

  • Permission letter from parents
  • Birth certificate

Transit Visa

  • A valid visa for the main destination
  • Original and one copy of airline ticket to landing place

Which Countries need transit visa:

Following countries need transit visa.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  4. Eritrea
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Ghana
  7. India
  8. Iran
  9. Iraq
  10. Jordan
  11. Lebanon
  12. Myanmar
  13. Nigeria
  14. Pakistan
  15. Somalia
  16. Sri Lanka
  17. Sudan
  18. Syria
  19. Turkey

Visa Fee (For short stay visa):

Visa Type Visa Fee EUR
Children from age 6 to 12 35
Children under 6 years 0
Children of 12 years or over 60
Services Charges 28
  • Fee of all visas pay in cash
  • Fees are not refundable

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