Schengen Visa For Qatar Passport Holders


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Schengen visa for Qatar passport holders is fairly easy to get. This is if you have the right information concerning the application process. Here, you will get the latest information relating to Schengen visas for Qatar citizens and residents. Due to its proximity to and good relations with Europe, Qatar citizens are increasingly visiting the continent. France, Spain, and Italy are the most popular Schengen destinations for Qatari citizens. But how do you get a Schengen visa? What is a Schengen visa in the first place? Read on to get all about Schengen visas for Qatari residents.

Schengen Visa for Qatar Passport Holders

What is Schengen Visa for Qatar Passport Holders?

If you live in Qatar, you can apply for and get issued a Schengen visa in Doha. The Schengen visa concept stems from the 1985 Schengen agreement that was signed in a small town called Schengen in Luxembourg. This agreement removed travel restrictions within the 26 countries that are signatories to the agreement. These countries are in Europe and the majority of them are also members of the European Union.

Citizens of the 26 countries forming the Schengen zone do not need visas to travel within the zone. Citizens of other countries outside the zone need a visa to enter the zone. Therefore, Qatari citizens need a visa to enter the Schengen countries. However, only one visa is needed to travel to any of the 26 countries. As a Qatar passport holder, you can apply for a Schengen visa at any of the embassies of the 26 countries in Doha. The Schengen visa allows visits for a maximum of 90 days within a period of six months.

Where to Go for Schengen Visa in Qatar

Getting a Schengen visa for Qatar passport holders is fairly easy. This is because the Schengen embassies and consulates in Doha are highly accessible. Some of them are located just next to each other. To apply for a Schengen visa in Qatar, you need to decide on the right visa processing embassy and consulate. If you intend to visit only one Schengen country, you should apply at that country’s embassy. If you have more than two Schengen countries, apply at the embassy of the one that is your main destination. If you cannot decide on the main destination, apply at the embassy of your first entry point.

There are also many Schengen visa processing centers that are outsourced to handle visa processing. These centers include the following;

  • VFS Global. For Austria, Finland, Germany, Norway, and Slovenia Schengen visas.
  • Capago International. For France Schengen visa.
  • BLS International. For Spain Schengen Visa.
  • Cox & Kings Global Services. For Estonia, Malta, Italy, and Sweden Schengen visas.

Who Can Apply for Schengen Visa in Qatar?

In order to apply for a Schengen visa in Qatar, you need to be in one of the following categories of persons;

  • A Qatari citizen with a valid Qatari passport and identification card.
  • A legal resident in Qatar

Depending on the short-stay visa issued, Qatari passport holders and residents can enjoy the following;

  • Single entry Schengen visa. This allows entry into the Schengen zone only once. You can visit the Schengen zone for a period of 90 days.
  • Multiple entry Schengen visas. This allows more than one entry into the Schengen countries. You can enter the Schengen zone and get back to Qatar and back to Schengen. However, anyone entry should not last for more than 90 days.

There are categories of persons that are exempted from Schengen visas to travel from Qatar to the Schengen zone. These are the following;

  • Qatar residents whose nationalities are those of Schengen.
  • Qatar residents whose nationalities are those with Schengen visa-free agreements like the United Arab Emirates.
  • Qatar dual citizens. This can be Qatari citizenship and any Schengen country citizenship. For this purpose, you will have to travel with your Schengen country passport.
  • Qatar dual citizens. This can be Qatar and any other Schengen visa-free country. For this purpose, you will have to travel with your Schengen visa-free country passport.

Types of Visa for Qatar Passport Holders

There are three types of visas that you can apply for in Qatar. These are captured in the following table;

Type of Visa to Apply forReason for Travel
Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)For Qatar passport holders and residents intending to travel to or transit through any of the Schengen member countries. This covers 90 days from the date of entry, within 180 days-period allowed. You can have single or multiple entry visas.
Limited territorial validity visas (LTV)Qatar citizens intend to enter only one Schengen country. It also covers a 90-day maximum period. It can also allow traveling to more than one Schengen country if the application is made and granted. It is limited to entry to only the specified countries.
National VisasFor Qatar citizens intending to travel, engage in education, or employment in one of the Schengen countries. This covers the specific period for the purpose of travel after which you must return to Qatar. This must be issued by the specific country’s embassy in Doha.

Statistics for Schengen Visa for Qatar Passport Holders

The following graph shows the recent statistics for Schengen visa issuance in Qatar. The information here shows that Qatar is one of the most important travel markets for Europe. The figures are expected to rise as more Qataris express interest in visiting Europe.

Statistics for Schengen Visa for Qatar Passport Holders

Documents Required for Schengen Visa in Qatar

You must submit the following documents when applying for a Schengen visa in Qatar. The documents must be submitted in person. You also need an appointment before visiting the visa processing office.

  1. Cover letter outlining all your travel details.
  2. Original and a copy of the common Schengen visa application form. You should download and fill out this form completely. It should be signed and dated.
  3. Valid Qatar passport. This should have a validity of not less than three months after your date of return to Qatar. You should also provide copies of previously issued visas if any.
  4. Original and photocopy of Qatar ID. The copy should show both sides.
  5. Two colored passport photos. These should be taken within the last three months. The face should be clear on a white background. The photos should not be edited or stapled.
  6. Proof of accommodation for visa covering all the days of your travel to Schengen countries.
  7. Proof of flight reservation for a visa. This should show the applicant’s name, dates of travel, flight numbers, IATA, and departure and exit times. Fill out the flight reservation form to get a flight itinerary.
  8. Proof of travel medical insurance for a visa. This should cover at least 30,000 Euros (or 126,971 Qatari Rial. The policy details should have the applicant’s details.
  9. Proof of financial sufficiency. This should be in the form of recent bank statements, credit statements, proof of foreign exchange purchased, pay slips, a letter from the bank stating financial sufficiency, and any other document that would show your financial worth in Qatar.
  10. Proof of visa application payment.

Being issued a Schengen visa is not a legal right in Qatar. The visa is not a guarantee of entry. You should, therefore, ensure that you have furnished the visa processing office with all the needed documents. You can also seek help from visa documentation agencies.

Additional Documents Needed for Schengen Visa in Qatar

Different visa circumstances require different additional documents. Here are more documents that you need to submit;

Situation Documents to Present
Children applicants

Copies of both parents’ passports

Travel approval from both parents (if the child is traveling alone).

Court orders if only one parent has custody of the child.

The child’s birth certificate

Schengen visa application form signed by both parents.


Employment contract

Income Tax Return

Leave of employment from the employer

No objection letter from the employer

Proof from the employer that you will get back to work after coming back to Qatar.

Recent pay slips (covering the last six months)

MarriedMarriage certificates
Married to EU/EAA citizen and/or their children under 21

Marriage for the spouse

Birth certificates for the child.

Valid EU/EAA passport copies for the spouse or parent

Proof of additional incomeCertified bank statements for the income-generating property/service
RetiredPension statements for the last six months

Copy of your Qatar business permit

Recent bank statements for the business

Business income tax statement

Tax Return for the business


No objection letter from the institution.

Letter of acceptance/offer/admission

Proof of enrollment in a Schengen institution

Transiting through the Schengen zone

Visa issued by the country of destination (if not a Schengen country)

Flight ticket bought for the destination country.

Traveling for the business reasonsInvitation letter from the business entity in Schengen.
Traveling for tour reasons

Your plan document

Proof of trip booking (for organized tourism via travel agencies)

Proof of tour pre-payment (for individuals tourists)

Visiting friends and relatives residing in a Schengen country

Letter of invitation by the said friend or relative

Signed and dated official affidavit of support (if the friend/relative is paying for the travel)

Schengen Visa Fees for Qatar Passport Holders and Citizens

For your Schengen visa to be processed in Qatar, you need to pay the necessary fees. The following table shows the current visa application and processing fees in Qatar.

Visa CategoryFee (in Euro)Fee (in Qatari Rial)
Minors (over 6 years but below 12 years)35148
Short stay (less than 90 days)60254
Transit Visa60254
Express visa70296
Long stay (exceeding 90 days)99419
Sports/education/research/ (below 25 years)Free
Minors (less than 6 years)Free
Persons with disabilities and the person accompanying themFree
Spouses of EU/EEA citizens (EU and Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein) and children under 21Free

With the right and current information, you can easily apply for a Schengen visa in Qatar. The most important thing is to prepare and submit all the needed documents. Schengen Flight Reservation Visa can help you with the needed documents.

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