Schengen Travel Insurance For A Germany Visa Application


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Schengen travel insurance for a German visa is an important requirement in the process of applying for a German visa. The information here will help you choose the right German medical travel insurance for a visa. Germany is one of the 26 Schengen countries and a member of the European Union (EU). This means that to travel to Germany, citizens of countries outside the EU and Schengen must get a Schengen visa.

Requirements for Schengen Travel Insurance for Germany Visa

When visiting Germany and the rest of Europe, you are required to be financially covered against any sudden eventuality or emergency that can result in unanticipated expenses. The travel insurance must have the following minimum requirements in order to apply for a visa;

Get Dummy Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Application

  • It must have a minimum insurance coverage of 30,000 Euros ($ 50,000).
  • Must cover any expenses that you might have as a result of repatriation or evacuation for health reasons, emergency medical attention, urgent hospital attention, or loss of life.
  • Must cover you as the visa applicant for all 26 Schengen countries and is valid for the entire period of your stay in Schengen.
  • The travel insurance provider must have an office in any of the European countries.
  • The insurance plan must be zero-deductable. The policyholder should not be required to pay any amount of money before reimbursements in case of an eventuality.

Characteristics of Schengen Travel Insurance for Germany Visa

Good travel insurance helps you in many ways. It will help you enjoy your visit and stay in Europe. It will also better your chances of Schengen visa approval. But what does a good travel insurance policy entail? The following should be covered;

  • Benefits for loss of life, disability, and injuries.
  • Delay of baggage
  • Delays due to weather conditions
  • Evacuations in case of emergencies
  • Funeral expenses abroad.
  • Hijacking, kidnapping, carjacking
  • Loss, theft, or damage of baggage, personal effects, or travel documents
  • Medical emergencies while in Schengen territory (accidents and illnesses).
  • Missed flight connections
  • Pregnancy expenses (during the first trimester).
  • Repatriation of remains in case of loss of life.
  • Replacement of essential items
  • Returning your children
  • Trip cancellation situations.
  • Trip interruptions.

Other Optional Schengen Travel Insurance Coverage in Germany

You would also consider being covered for additional issues during your travel. However, this is optional for the travel insurance visa requirements for Germany.

  • Pre-existing health issues such as asthma and diabetes.
  • Engaging in risky sports such as skiing, scuba diving, and surfing.

Your travel insurance should take care of all your travel financial investment. This means that if you fall sick and you are unable to travel, your policy should cover that. For this purpose, your insurance provider should reimburse your trip investment in case you are unable to travel due to unforeseen eventualities.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Schengen Travel Insurance for Germany

There are several factors that will affect the cost of your travel insurance when applying for a Schengen visa. These factors include the following;

  • Duration of your stay in Germany. Depending on the duration of your stay, the cost of the insurance premium may be different. This means that the longer your duration of stay will be, the higher the premium will be. However, a Schengen visa requires a maximum of 90 days stay in Germany.
  • The age of the visa applicant and policyholder. This means that your age affects the premium cost of your insurance policy. Pensioners are likely to pay more than younger individuals.
  • The travel insurance provider. Different travel insurance providers have different insurance packages. These packages have different insurance coverage and cost differently. You should, therefore, go for the best company and the best insurance coverage. Some insurance agencies provide discounts depending on different circumstances. This is especially when you are traveling in a group (group travel insurance discounts).
  • The risk of expenses as a result of eventualities. This refers to the probability of suffering expenses in your travel. This may be occasioned by the nature of your travel such as engaging in high-risk sports or having a pre-existing health condition among others.
  • Personal choice. Apart from the minimum required coverage, an applicant may choose to be covered for more. It is highly advisable that you get as much coverage as you can in order to enjoy your trip without a lot of worries.
  • Having existing travel insurance. Some employers offer some sort of travel insurance to their employees. Having a look at your insurance provided by your employer may save a few dollars off your premium. However, you should not entertain this because the visa application process does not like surprises (you may be surprised that you are not properly covered for a visa to Germany).

Why Do You Need Schengen Travel Insurance for Germany Visa?

The requirement for travel insurance stems from Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009, which entered into force on April 5 of 2010. It is stated thus:

… Applicants for a uniform visa for one or two entries shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during their stay(s) on the territory of the Member States.

The insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Schengen Area Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30,000” (…)

Types of Travel Insurance for Germany Visa

You can get the following types of travel insurance when applying for a Schengen visa to travel to Germany;

  • Health travel insurance for foreign visitors, tourists, or businesses (This is also called Schengen health insurance for visas).
  • Health travel insurance for international students.
  • Health travel insurance for language course students.
  • Health travel insurance for expats, employees, and freelancers.

Schengen Travel Insurance for Germany Visa Application Process

How to Get Schengen Travel Insurance for Germany Visa

Getting Schengen travel insurance for a German visa is now fast and easy. All that you need to do is to follow a few simple steps. These are the steps you need to follow to get one within hours;

  1. Go to Schengen Flight Reservation Visa.
  2. Choose travel insurance for the visa service under the pricing section.
  3. Fill out the form by inserting all the required information. Your name and other details must match the details on your passport. Review the information before proceeding to payment.
  4. Proceed to payment and place your order.
  5. Receive an order and payment confirmation from the company in the email you provided. You will then receive your travel insurance document to submit to the German embassy in your country.

After following these simple steps, you need to wait between 12 and 24 hours to get your proof of medical travel insurance for a visa. If you want your document urgently, there is an option for 6 and 8 hours. Choose accordingly. To sum up these simple steps, you only need to choose travel medical insurance, fill out the form, and place your order!

You should note the following when applying for travel insurance;

  • If you are older than 64 years, you should call contact the agency first before filling in your details on the insurance application form.
  • The name of the beneficiary should not be the name of the insurance policy applicant. Additionally, you must indicate clearly the relationship between you as the applicant and the beneficiary. This is by choosing from the drop-down menu provided on the form.
  • Your trip travel dates should match with all other documents such as your flight itinerary for Schengen visa, your proof of accommodation for your visa, and your cover letter.
Schengen Travel Insurance Certificate Sample for Visa

Schengen Travel Insurance Certificate/letter Sample for Visa (Our provided travel insurance is also usable while entire journey so there are dual benefits this way)

Benefits of Travel Insurance for Germany Visa

According to the visa application guidelines, you must have travel insurance from verified insurance policy providers. It is therefore important that you choose your provider very carefully. Schengen Flight Reservation Visa provides verified documentation services that are recognized by embassies and consulates worldwide. Other advantages include the following;

  • Worldwide insurance coverage. In addition to visiting Germany, other Schengen countries, and the rest of Europe, you may also want to venture into other countries. With this insurance, you are covered everywhere you go in the world.
  • Placing an order is cheap and fast. You can get your travel insurance document within 6 or 8 hours upon request. However, if you feel it is not as urgent, you only need to wait for at least 12 hours. This is way faster than any other agency you can find around.
  • Easily canceled. You can cancel the policy free of charge. This is in case your Germany Schengen visa application has been declined for any reason.
  • Zero-deductable insurance. The travel insurance you get is a $0 deductible meaning that you will not be required to pay any amount of money before reimbursements.
  • Access to all required documents in one place. In addition to proof of travel insurance documents, you can also request other visa application mandatory documents. These include cover letters, hotel bookings, and flight itineraries.
  • Group travel discounts. If you are traveling in a group, the agency will offer a discounted plan for your travel insurance needs.

Schengen travel insurance for German visas is therefore easy and affordable to get. It is a mandatory document requirement at the German embassy in all countries. To ensure that your Germany visa application is not rejected, you should order one now.

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