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Proof of Accommodation OR Hotel Bookings For Visa Application

Laura Amber, Tourism Guide

Schengen Visa application process required proof of accommodation similar to Flight Reservation. The commission of the pertinent Schengen country wants to see proof of accommodation before applying for a visa application.

The following details Diplomatic Office are required from you before applying for a visa. The candidate must determine these statements before applying for a visa application.

  1. Purpose of journey
  2. Any evidence of reservation
  3. Any sponsor from the relevant country
  4. Any invitation from the sponsor along with a copy of his passport
  5. The details of the benefactor (sponsor)
  6. Source of income or sufficient money for both( sponsor and candidate)

(If a candidate is a student or an immature person he must have proof of his guardian’s source of income)

Enough money for the candidate to bear expenses in Schengen Country.

Here is the official announcement

The means of subsistence for the intended stay shall be assessed in accordance with the duration and the purpose of the stay and the reference to average prices in the Member State(s) concerned for board and lodging in budget accommodation, multiplied by the number of days stayed, on the basis of the reference amounts set by the Member States in accordance with Article 34(1)(c) of the Schengen Borders Code. Proof of sponsorship/ private accommodation may also constitute evidence of sufficient means of subsistence

If Schengen Country Visa is based on sponsorship thus the embassy confirms the following information:-

  • Whether the sponsor or host provides accommodation
  • Sponsor is married\ individual or company
  • Address of place to stay provided by the sponsor
  • Relation with host
  • Contact of sponsor

Arisen by the regulation (EC) No. 810/2009 of The European Parliament and of The Council of 13 July 2009, establishing a Community Code on Visa known as “Visa Code”

Proof of Accommodation

For European Countries’ visas, proof of accommodation may be one of the following;

  1. A place to stay\ hotel room booking
  2. Airbill\ coupon or ticket or voucher of hotel
  3. Detail of payment of tour operator
  4. Details of invitation from sponsor

Why Schengen Visa Denied by Embassy

A number of people apply for Schengen visa, but they are confused to understand the reason why their visa is rejected by the embassy. The visa application might be rejected when the embassy does not satisfied with the given information by the applicant;

This article will help you to understand the basic reasons for rejecting a visa application.

Inappropriate Answers:

The main reason for of rejection the visa application is when the diplomatic office is not satisfied with the answers of the candidate.

The embassy takes to light your application when you will not be virtuoso to give authentic and well-defined answers to the Diplomatic office, so prepare yourself for an interview and must be familiar with the questions of a Schengen visa interview.

Past or Current Criminal Actions:

The embassy will not take your application seriously when you committed any criminal activity or are involved in any illegal activity because European countries consider such candidates a threat to their public, country, police, etc.

Incomplete Documents:

When you will not able to show relevant and required documents to the embassy then it increases the chances of visa rejection. It is necessary that you make proper files of your documents before appearing in an interview.

Unable to proof the Travel Plan:

Another factor that provokes the embassy to reject your application is to insufficiency to explain you are proper travel itinerary.

Passport Invalidity:

Visa applications will be rejected by the embassy due to the invalidity of the passport, applying for a visa you must check your passport expiration date.

Proof Of Accommodation

Booking Hotel Online:

In case you want to get a round trip anywhere in Europe or you desire to use a mobile home for round travel i.e in Germany, you must confirm a booked accommodation to the correlated embassy of Germany in your country. Hence, regrettably that your accommodation planned mobile is not enough for Germany.

How to get Hotel Reservation for The Schengen Visa?

Proof of accommodation for the Schengen visa dummy hotel reservation is one of the most important elements, whether you are applying for a student, work, and tourist visa duplicate hotel reservation is the best option for this, because there is not 100% chance of visa confirmation, so you do not need to spend your money on paying the final accommodation (Actual Hotel Booking) before the authentication of Schengen visa. Otherwise, you may lose your money on buying an actual hotel reservation. Dummy hotel booking is a helpful way before applying visa application.

The process of getting a dummy before a Schengen visa is to submit an online request letter for a reservation at the selected hotel. In this way, you will only pay a fee for the dummy instead of the actual fee.

How to get Confirmation Letter?

There are few firms that have physical existence and hotel booking organizations that provide real and economical services.

But do not worry follow a simple process for booking your desired hotel.

  • Go to Schengen Flight Reservation Visa
  • Choose the Hotel Plan under the pricing section
  • Fill out the required hotel bookings for visa form and complete the details
  • Make the Payment Successfully
  • Then you will be received a confirmation of your payment and your hotel bookings document will be delivered to you in the given time frame.
  • Show this email in hard form to the embassy at the time of the interview

How do you confirm your Hotel Reservation?

A hotel booking confirmation letter would increase the chances of your Schengen visa, if the embassy found it free of fraud, for this you should check your confirmation letter number and also contact the hotel management directly.

Do this before displaying the hotel reservation to the embassy.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Application Sample

Hotel Bookings Sample Created By Schengen Flight Reservation Visa (SFRV Travels Team)

Go to Schengen Flight Reservation Visa for more Hotel Booking samples!

How do you show your Sponsorship Accommodation to the Embassy?

If your sponsor provides you with accommodation, he will also give you an accommodation letter, this letter contains your sponsor’s signature and this letter stamped by the local town officer.

Sponsorship Accommodation Letter

Sponsorship Accommodation Letter Sample

You will need to attest your accommodation letter to the Embassy of the selected country.

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