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Flight Reservation For Visa Application OR Flight Itinerary OR Dummy Flight Ticket

Laura Amber, Tourism Guide

If you’re travelling to any schengen or non schengen countries so you probably heard about flight reservation (flight itinerary) as one of the mandatory required documents. Most of the people or traveler don’t have sufficient knowledge what is flight reservation (flight itinerary) and where they can get it, so if you’re searching around this topic then this article is for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Flight Tickets Before Visa Approved?

Most of the diplomatic officers also advises do not buy ticket before you got your visa approved. The significant reason is that there is no surety that your visa application will get approved. That’s why if you are going to buy actual flight ticket so that means you are putting your hundreds of dollars on stack.

What is Flight Itinerary?

Flight itinerary is just a simple document containing your flight details of your round trip journey such as your arrival and departure dates, reservation number, and Airport IATA code besides actual flight cost also mentioned on it. In simple words it is a schedule of your flights by which airline you chosen to fly. Flight actual cost could be more expensive and risky in case your visa got rejected therefore flight itinerary is cheapest way to get confirmed flight details, that document you can easily show in embassy.

Can I Book Flight Reservation from Airlines Online Website?

Some can do and some don’t. OR some book your reservations just for next 24-72 hours and sometimes that is not sufficient time period if you want to show your flight itinerary document to Schengen embassy. Because while checking your visa documents if your flight got cancelled and on the same time they confirmed or checked it on airline website so your visa can be rejected easily. That’s why the time period of flight reservation should be slightly long such as 2-3 weeks.

How and Where to Get Flight Itinerary?

If you’re going to book your flight reservation from any Airlines online website so that could be tragic for your visa process as we stated above. Some airlines takes money like $8- $12 for flight reservation for next 2-3 days but as I mentioned that still doesn’t meet the criteria. But some travel agents can do this if they have proper GDS (Global Distribution System) like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre etc. Getting flight itinerary or flight reservation or dummy flight booking is not complicated but you will have to look around to get any good travel agent who can book your flight itinerary with that time period.

OR around internet you need to find someone trustworthy flight itinerary or flight reservation provider or company who can take care of everything and provide you confirmed and verifiable flight itinerary. One of the company is Schengen Flight Reservation Visa. They are good at that!

Embassy is not responsible to tell you how and where to get flight itinerary or flight reservation, it’s totally up to you. You have to find someone really trusted and very professional travel agent or any secure website which can accomplish your requirements.

What is the Simple Steps to Order or Get Flight Itinerary?

Simply Go to Schengen Flight Reservation Visa website and choose that plan which suits your needs and visa requirements.

  1. Go to Schengen Flight Reservation Visa website
  2. Choose the Plan (Any plan that meets with your visa requirements)
  3. Fill or provide the all required details in the form
  4. Make the payment via debit/credit card OR by using PayPal (Buyer Protection)
  5. That’s it! Now you have to wait until they will send you your itinerary via your provided email

See the Flight Reservation (Flight Itinerary Sample)

Air France Flight Reservation Sample For Visa Application

What If My Flight Reservation Gets Cancelled before My Visa Approval?

Unfortunately, this could happen but you have to find some really experienced travel agent who can provide your flight itinerary that should be long for next 2-3 weeks. It’s not easy to find that kind of travel agent so you can try Schengen Flight Reservation Visa website they can provide you long time interval flight itinerary or flight reservations.

Why I Need Flight Itinerary For My Visa Process?

Especially Schengen embassies needs it to check out or make sure your entry and exist date. Schengen embassies need this to control the overstaying in Schengen area for foreign citizens. That’s the core reasons they demand flight itinerary, on which document your roundtrip entry and exist date is clearly mentioned. That time interval clearly shows that this applicant will stay for how many days in Schengen area. Keep remember that why I’m repeating “roundtrip” word because one way flight itinerary is not acceptable because embassy or consulate wants your exist date from Schengen area or country, Conversely one way flight ticket only shows that this application not intent to come back to his country.

In My Flight Itinerary Has Some Mistakes, What Should I do now?

Unfortunately, you have to order new one flight itinerary again then submit to consulate or embassy. You need to contact to your travel agent or contact to those guys where you got the flight itinerary before they can recreate this for you for free or they can charge, depends!

We Are a Group of Travelers So is there any Discount?

Absolutely, every travel agent or company gives your discount if you are going with in a group of travelers it’s not new, it could happen and here Schengen Flight Reservation Visa website providing a perfect discount based on numbers of travelers. The more numbers of travelers your will get more discount and that’s why your total would be lower.

Different Embassies Don’t Recommend to Buy Actual Flight Ticket?

Here I’m going to quote few consulates statements below about flight itinerary and actual flight tickets.

“You must book your airline ticket but do not purchase it until the visa has been approved. – France Embassy”

“You should not purchase travel tickets before you receive a decision on your visa application – Ireland Embassy”

“To avoid unnecessary expenses on your part, you will only need to submit the purchased flight ticket or E-ticket when the Embassy informs you that your visa has been granted. However, the Embassy may ask you already at the time of your visa application to submit a copy of your flight booking (flight itinerary). – Belgium Embassy”

A Detailed Guide Where To Get Flight Reservation For Visa Application

Where To Get OR Buy Flight Itinerary

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