4 Easy Steps to Get Flight Itinerary for Visa Application Purposes


Laura Amber, Tourism Guide

Among the documents that you must submit when making an application for a Schengen visa (UK visa, US visa, or any other visa for that matter) is the flight itinerary. The embassies and consulates usually ask for the same document requirement using different wording. As a foreign national wishing to travel to a Schengen country, you will need to provide proof of a booked flight itinerary during the visa application process. In some instances, you may be required to provide the actual flight ticket taken for your destination during the visa application process or before visa collection. Here, you will get the most up-to-date information on how to get a flight itinerary for the visa application process. Here is a sample of a flight itinerary document needed for visa application.

4 Easy Steps to Get Flight Itinerary for Visa Application Purposes

If you want to book a flight reservation for a visa application and get an official flight itinerary with a code that you can verify on the airline websites, you do not have to do much other than go to the Schengen Flight Reservation Visa. You need to make sure that you have not made the costly mistake of paying for a full-priced flight ticket for your intended destination without first getting the visa.

In the process of making the visa application, you are likely to come across many terms that refer to the flight reservation or itinerary. You should not be confused. Some of the terms that you are likely to hear about include the following;

  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Booked Flight Itinerary
  • Roundtrip Flight Ticket
  • Dummy Air Ticket for Visa
  • Dummy Ticket
  • Proof of Onward Travel
  • Flight Confirmation
  • Flight Itinerary for Visa Application
  • Flight Reservation

All these are alternative expressions that can be used to refer to the required document serving to provide proof that you have already made a booking for a flight, and showing the details of the flight including the applicant name, time of departure from the country of origin and exits from the intended destinations. The guiding principle here should be the understanding that embassies and consulates know that visa application does not result in automatic travel meaning that the applicant should hold a flight reservation and not necessarily buy a flight ticket.

Things to Know Before Getting Flight Itinerary for Visa Application

There are a few things to know before getting a flight itinerary or booking a flight for the purposes of visa application. Among these include the following;

  • To avoid losing the money spent on the flight in case your visa application is declined, you should not buy the actual flight ticket. Countries requiring actual flight tickets will clearly indicate this as a requirement. A good example is Chile where you need the actual flight ticket before approval of the visa.
  • Most airlines and travel insurance service providers may not accept visa refusal as an admissible ground for canceling and refund claims. You may, therefore, need a competent visa and travel agency such as (Schengen Flight Reservation Visa) that will provide the link between you as the visa applicant and airlines and insurance companies as the service providers.
  • Not all airlines provide flights to all destinations and routes. Depending on your travel case, you will need to research scores of airlines to get a suitable and workable itinerary for your flight. How do you reduce this stress and focus better on your other travel plans? Getting a suitable flight reservation agency is the best option.
  • Airlines do not offer flight reservations for visa application purposes. The few that do offer any reservation at all do this with a 24-hour cap meaning that the reservation can only be held for 24 hours failure to which money will be lost. You will also be required to personally make this reservation and cancel it for yourself in case the visa is declined.
  • Travel agencies can create flight reservations for virtually any airline and flight route in the world. The flight reservation made through a competent agency will last and be valid for between two to three weeks. This makes it ideal for visa application purposes because, in addition to lasting longer and giving the applicant ample time to arrange for other travel needs, the embassy will not decline the visa application on grounds that the flight reservation is no longer in existence (after background online search) after some time has elapsed.

So what are the easiest ways of getting a flight itinerary for a visa application? It is very important for visa applicants to know the best ways through which they can get the most important documents required for the visa application process especially proof of flight reservation, proof of travel insurance purchased, and proof of accommodation for the entire travel period.

4 Easy Steps to Get Flight Itinerary for Visa Application Purposes

As important as the flight itinerary is in the visa application process, most visa applicants do not realize that making a mistake here may be very expensive. To make sure that you do not suffer the cost of making a mistake in getting your flight reservation, here are the four easy steps to get a flight itinerary for visa application purposes;

  1. Go to the Schengen Flight Reservation Visa website and choose your plan under the pricing section
  2. Fill out the flight reservation form
  3. Make the Payment (Charges are very rare or negligible as compared to actual flight ticket)
  4. Check the email for your booked flight confirmation

Flight Reservation For Visa Application

1: Go to Schengen Flight Reservation Visa Website

Schengen Flight Reservation Visa Website

As the first and most important step towards getting a valid and workable flight itinerary and reservation, you need to determine the best agency that can offer this service. There are many travel agencies that purport to provide flight reservation services for visa applications but all they do is swindle unsuspecting applicants. It should be noted that embassies and consulates usually decline visa applications done using fake or improper flight reservation documents. You should be very careful that you only deal with the best and most affordable travel agencies with great reputations and an understanding of the visa application processes. But why get an agency to book your flights?

It is a common thought for visa applicants that they can make flight reservations on their own. As much as this can seem possible, it is not plausible. Airlines do not issue or provide flight reservation documents for visa application purposes. This means that despite the fact that the visa application process may take a few weeks, airlines that offer flight reservations only cover 24 or fewer hours. This duration is too short for a meaningful visa application period requirement.

On the other hand, travel agencies are able through official arrangements, to secure flight reservations extending for between two to three weeks for their clients. Through these arrangements, competent travel agencies can source for and secure a valid flight reservation for clients wishing to use the document for the purposes of applying for a visa.

In order to determine the best travel agency for flight reservations, you need to know whether the agency will provide you with a valid flight reservation code that you can verify from your airline of choice. This is a special six-digit code that you can insert into the airline’s website and check whether your flight reservation is genuine or not. In order to make sure that you have a genuine flight reservation, learn how to use your code to verify your document.

The best travel visa flight services provider should be able to guarantee the following;

  • Verifiable itineraries
  • Affordable prices compared to others in the industry
  • Live customer support through secure chat, email, or phone
  • Payment method protection (encryption) through a secured platform
  • Easy-to-use customer interface
  • Prompt and fast services delivery

2: Fill out the Flight Reservation Form

Simply fill out this flight reservation form and when filling out the flight reservation form, you should ensure that the details used on the form match with the ones that are on other documents such as your passport or ID. This means that your name should match those on your passport. Travel dates should match those on other documents such as your personal cover letter, making sure that all the information covering your travel is as agreement as possible.

Schengen Flight Reservation Visa Website Flight Itinerary Form

While filling out the flight reservation form, you should include the following details;

  • Your title (Mr., Mrs. Miss, Ms, or other), and your names (first and last name).
  • Contact details (your email will be used to send you the flight reservation document in PDF form while your phone numbers may be used to contact you for any official reason)
  • A number of persons for which the flight reservation is sought. This should be at least one.
  • Location (point) of departure with date and time and point of arrival with date and time. Return point with date and time.
  • Any additional details or instructions that you would want to mention in the “additional details field” such as your particular airlines or wanna schedule my order delivery on a particular date etc

3: Make The Payment

Schengen Flight Reservation Visa Website Making Payment

Once you are through with filling out the flight reservation details, you should pay the small fee that the travel agencies will charge for this important visa application step. Visa application and travel agencies will usually charge affordable fees for their great services. This ensures that the agencies help as many applicants as possible with ease. The best travel agencies offer great discounts on their services.

4: Check your email

Check your email for flight itinerary order confirmation, basically, they will process your flight itinerary order and will send it within 12-24 hours within their standard delivery time period or if you’re in hurry then you can place urgent order (placing urgent order option available in the form) once you get your flight itinerary document on your email then simply print that on paper and present it for visa application exercise among other documents required.

Make sure that the email address you provided is valid and working. The document will be in the PDF version for your document security.



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