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Get Your Verifiable Flight Reservation, Hotel Booking & Travel Medical Insurance For Your Visa Application Process.

Get your flight reservation for visa and hotel bookings from us for your visa application process. We also provide travel medical insurance which will cover you while you are on your trip.


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All our flight itineraries are verifiable and can be confirmed from airline websites through the unique reservation code we provide on the itinerary document.


Flight Reservation

Flight reservation for visa is an important document in your visa application process and consulates ask for it. We’re the leading flight itinerary provider on the internet worldwide.

Hotel Bookings

Hotel booking (also called proof of accommodation or dummy hotel bookings) is another document that consulates require from you.

Travel Medical Insurance

Secure your travel for you and your loved ones by using our travel medical insurance. Note: travel insurance is an important requirement for a Schengen visa.

What do Consulates & Embassies recommend?

“You should not purchase travel tickets before you receive a decision on your visa application – Ireland Embassy”.

“To avoid unnecessary expenses on your part, you will only need to submit the purchased flight ticket or E-ticket when the Embassy informs you that your visa has been granted. However, the Embassy may ask you already at the time of your visa application to submit a copy of your flight booking (flight itinerary).

– Belgium Embassy”.


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We believe that dealing customers in travel industry is an art. That’s why we are very particular about it.


Verifiable Itineraries On Airlines Official Website

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One Way/Round Trip/Multi-City
Multiple Traveler Discount

  • Unlimited Flights
  • Unlimited Corrections
  • Free Personal Covering Letter
  • Free No Objection Letter
each passenger $25
Hotel Booking

Multi City Hotel Bookings
Multiple Traveler Discount

  • Unlimited Hotels
  • Unlimited Corrections
  • Free Personal Covering Letter
  • Free No Objection Letter
each passenger $25
30% Off
Flight + Hotel

Combo Package includes;
Flight + Hotel

  • Unlimited Flights & Hotels
  • Unlimited Corrections
  • Free Personal Covering Letter
  • Free No Objection Letter
each passenger $35
After discount
Travel Insurance

Recognized Policy including COVID-19 Coverage

  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • $50,000 Coverage, $0 deductible insurance
  • Group Traveler Discount
  • Free No Objection Letter
Starts from $20

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Flight Reservation


Flight Reservation

For a quick overview, a flight itinerary is basically a document that contains your flight details, such as departing or returning dates as well as IATA airport codes. Most importantly, it contains a reservation code to give you a guarantee that our provided itinerary can be verified on the airline’s website.

Note: It does not matter where you are from. Whether it is a Schengen or non-Schengen country, we provide flight reservations for visa and hotel booking services for visa applications in any country worldwide. So do not hesitate to place your order now, because our services are global. Our documents are accepted by all embassies and consulates worldwide.

On the internet, Flight Itinerary is also referred to as a dummy flight ticket, flight reservation for visa application, flight booking for visa or even a roundtrip flight itinerary. Do not be confused, all these terms point to the same thing.

We are travel agents who have proper systems and connections worldwide, our travel system can easily create your flight itinerary as well as hotel bookings in a short period of time according to the flight and accommodation details that you provide to us.

Hotel Bookings

Hotel bookings for visa and proof of accommodation both point to the same document. This document is required by the consulate or embassy, to be the same as the above flight reservation for the Visa documents.

As we have stated many times, all our reservations or bookings are confirmed and verifiable. We also provide confirmed hotel bookings but their verification method is slightly different; you need to directly call the hotel management to verify or confirm your bookings.

Hotel Bookings

Travel Medical Insurance


Travel Insurance


Travel medical insurance is mandatory (if traveling on a visa) and recommended (if traveling visa-free). Diplomatic officers or consulates will need proof of travel insurance before your visa application can be processed.

If you are leaving your home country and going to a foreign country, travel medical insurance will cover your medical expenses in case of an emergency.

Travel medical insurance is important for travel to Schengen and non-Schengen countries. If you are planning to travel to Schengen countries, you need to buy travel medical insurance before you leave. This is cheaper and more economical compared to buying travel insurance while you are already in the country of your destination. The cost of your travel insurance is dependent on factors such as your age, and the length of your trip, among others.

According to a recent survey, the estimated cost of single-trip travel medical insurance is between $15 and $80, which coverage being hundreds of dollars.

If you have any question, let us know!

We have priority customer support.

Schengen Flight Reservation Visa: Our Services

At Schengen Flight Reservation Visa, we provide all the documents that you need in your visa application process. Embassies and consulates around the world ask for specific mandatory documents that you must submit in your visa application process. You must show the visa processing officer that you have made proper plans for your travel. This is by providing proof that you have flight reservations, hotel bookings, and travel insurance. We provide visa applicants with the flight itinerary, hotel bookings for visa, and travel insurance for visa. Clients also come to us for no-objection letter and cover letters. We are the leading visa documentation services provider with an unrivaled reputation worldwide.


Flight Itinerary for Visa

The importance of a flight itinerary in your visa application process cannot be overlooked. This is a document that shows that you have made flight plans for your travel. Different embassies use different terms to refer to the same document. Whether an embassy calls it a Roundtrip Flight Ticket, Proof of Onward Travel, Flight Reservation, Flight Itinerary for Visa Application, Flight Confirmation, Dummy Ticket, Dummy Air Ticket for Visa, Booked Flight Itinerary, or Air Ticket Booking, the document is the same. We provide this document within hours of your making the request.


The requirement to submit a flight itinerary for Schengen visa does not mean that you must purchase the actual flight ticket. Though this is not prohibited, it is not one of the wisest things to do in your visa application process. This is because embassies do not guarantee that all visa applications are successful. In this way, you may end up losing money on buying flight tickets for Schengen visa that you will not use. This is in case your visa application is declined.


Our flight itinerary documents are accepted in all embassies and consulates worldwide. When you request the flight booking for visa from us, you get the following;


– Verifiable flight itineraries. You can verify your flight reservation for Schengen visa by visiting the airline’s website. Your document comes with a unique six-digit code (PNR CODE/Reservation code) that you can insert on the verification section of the official airline website. You can read more on how to verify your flight reservation.
– A flight reservation document that meets all visa application requirements.
– Easy cancellation. In case your visa application was not successful, you can request cancellation of the booking.
– Affordable prices compared to others in the industry. Our prices are the most competitive in the market.
– Live customer support through secure chat, email, or phone. We are with you throughout your visa application process.


Payment method protection (encryption) through a secured platform. We use a secure platform where you can make payments securely without any risk.
– Easy-to-use customer interface. Our flight reservation order form is easy to fill out and straightforward.
– Timely and fast service delivery. We process your flight booking for Schengen visa within 12-24 hours. You can also request urgent processing in 6-8 hours.
– Get your flight itinerary from us now by following our 4 Easy Steps to Get Flight Itinerary for Visa Application Purposes.


Hotel Bookings for Visa


Embassies and consulates ask for hotel bookings for visas to ascertain that the visa applicant has made accommodation plans. The visa processing office wants to know that the applicant will not be spending nights in the streets in a foreign country. For these purposes, the applicant must make accommodation plans that cater to the entire travel period. We provide proof of accommodation or hotel bookings for visa applications to our clients worldwide. Our hotel booking services are fast and affordable.


There are several ways through which you can book a hotel for your accommodation purposes. However, most of these methods are not only expensive but also come with their risks. For example, you can just use a search engine to locate a hotel and book online. This will involve going through many hotel websites to get a suitable deal. You will also need to make payments through insecure platforms. Is it worth spending a lot of time that you could have used on your core travel plans? You may also use friends and relatives to get your accommodation in your country of destination. This is also tedious and risky too. That is why at Schengen Flight Reservation Visa, we provide you with a secure platform and guaranteed affordable hotel bookings for visa applications.


Our hotel bookings for visa service guarantee you the following important things when you book with us;


– An easy-to-fill hotel reservation for visa Any visa applicant is able to fill out the form because it is straightforward and self-explanatory. You do not need to be a techie to fill out our form. Additionally, the form is provided alongside other important forms that you can fill out to get all the documents that embassies ask for.
– Our proof of accommodation for visa documents meets all the embassy requirements for the document. It contains all the details that the visa processing office needs.
– Confirmed hotel reservation. The document that we provided to you is proof of a confirmed hotel reservation. You can verify this by contacting the hotel directly and independently. This proof of accommodation for visa documents is acceptable in embassies and consulates worldwide.
– Affordable and reliable fast document processing. Once you make an order, you only have to wait for just 12-24 hours and your document will be in your email inbox. In case you need your document urgently, we have an option for 6-8 hours. Our services are affordable with great discounts for group travel.
– Secure payment gateway. We have a secure, risk-free payment gateway.
– Easy-to-cancel hotel reservations. In case of any reasons that may prevent you from travelling (such as visa refusal), you can cancel your hotel reservation without incurring any charges. This is unlike when you book the hotel directly.


To get your hotel bookings for a visa now, fill in your details on our hotel reservation for visa form today.


Medical Travel Insurance for Visa


This is commonly referred to as travel insurance for a visa. When applying for a visa, you need to provide proof that you are well-insured. The insurance must cover you against any eventualities for the entire period of your travel. Different embassies ask for different types of travel insurance coverage. For example, to get a Schengen visa, you need to provide proof that your travel insurance covers a minimum of €30,000 ($50,000). This insurance must also cover medical treatments abroad and evacuations or repatriation.


Our Travel Insurance for Visa application covers all the visa application insurance requirements and much more. This insurance covers quite a number of risks that include loss of life, injury and disablement, loss or damage to luggage and other import personal effects, kidnapping, trip delays, and cancellations, missed flights among others.


We provide a one-stop platform for all the important visa application documents. Once you place your order for health insurance for your visa documents, we guarantee the following;


– Confirmed and verifiable travel insurance for visa documents. You can verify this directly from insurance service providers.
– Our travel insurance meets all the embassy and visa requirements. This document is acceptable in all embassies and consulates worldwide.
– Easy-to-cancel travel insurance. This is in case your visa application is declined or your failure to travel for any reason.
– Fast service delivery. We provide all our documents to customers within 12-24 hours of placing their orders.
– Secure payment platform. Our payment platform is risk-proof.


To place your order now, fill out our customer-friendly medical travel insurance for visa form today and get it within hours.


No Objection and Cover Letters


A no-objection letter (also known as a no-objection certificate) is a document issued by an employer or institution. This document shows that the employer or institution does not have any issues with the applicant’s travel. In the case of an employed visa applicant, the employer should give his/her consent to travel. This is by way of this no-objection letter. In this case, the letter should contain the applicant’s employment details and leave authorization. For a student applicant, this letter should show the applicant’s educational details. Additionally, the institution should indicate their consent to travel.


The cover letter, on the other hand, is a letter written by the visa application capturing all his travel details. The letter should include the purposes of your travel, the places, and countries of your destination, the dates of departure and return, and everything else that goes into your travel.


 Schengen Flight Reservation Visa provides all the documents that you need in your visa application process. We are available 24 hours and seven days a week. Our service delivery is not affected by space or time. You can get any document anytime from anywhere in the world. Thousands of clients around the world have benefitted from our excellent services. We are the fastest, most reliable, most affordable, and most reputable visa documentation agency.


With great positive testimonies from clients worldwide, our service delivery speaks for itself. For the fastest processing of all your visa application documents, visit us online today. Submit your order form today and get great discounts.